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Our philosophy

Sharing is caring is a common phrase and has a deeper meaning that when we share something with someone else, it is because we to caring about them. That is the basis of the Basque cuisine. Basques love their food and can´t even begin to conceive of friendship or family relationships without being around a table. Basque gastronomy has become one of the most vibrant in Europe. Bars and restaurants abound in the Basque Country, each trying to one-up the other with spectacular displays of pintxos, haute cuisine in miniature. The passion for meeting up with friends around a table is also reflected in the ´gastronomic societies´, or private clubs run by members whose common bond is good food and drink.

We have to be clear about some things, such as the fact that we are capable of conceptualizing different proposals under the same umbrella. Cut & Barrel is a project that has been worked on for many years, with the idea of exploring which dishes can best represent this definition: “Contact cuisine between Latin America and the Basque Country”. Or, similarly stated: how could a Basque cook Latin American recipe? The result has to be like an informal format of a popular and festive restaurant. Not just a concept of contact cuisine, but a tribute to the relationship and love between those cultures and how they can combine tastes and textures based on beautiful produce. We will offer a list of dishes, designed to share, so that, without the format of a tasting menu, visitors to the restaurant can compose a pack of dishes to enjoy from the center of a table.

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